2016 McCain Conference, Panel - Civil/Military relations, Europe, China and Turkey

Dr. Thomas Flichy, Ecole Speciale Militarie de Saint-Cyr discusses the similarities in tensions of civilian military relations that existed in Europe in the years before WWI and those in modern Europe, focusing on an analysis of the situation in France. Dr. Andrew Scrobell, RAND and Georgetown School of Foreign Service, interprets the present state of civil military relations in China. He sketches influences of Confucian, Taoist and Legalist or realist traditions in Chinese political thought. Commander Frank Goertner, USN, Political Military Affairs Officer, Joint Staff Directorate for Strategic Plans and Policy (J-5) discusses the impact of the security environment in Turkey's region on civil military relations. He sketches the inter-relations and stresses between the Turkish presidency, the prime minister and military high command, and three major ideological influences, secular Kamalism, nationalism and Islamism, that impact political decision makers."